Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why Working Capital

With inflation spiraling and global economy easing to recession, increasing number of small and medium size businesses have been finding it difficult to access critical funding, especially for working capital. This program is designed to assist businesses to access quick funds to meet immediate financial obligations.

What is Wallet Balance Protections?

Wallet Balance protection is one of the funding programs of PaySprint Capital. Wallet Balance protection allows business access more funds than the balance in the business account.

How does it work?

Qualified business is pre-approved base on certain criteria. The approved amount shows in the business account under Overdraft Balance. This means that the business has access to additional funds.

How do I access the funding?

The amount that shows in the overdraft balance section is the approved amount and the fund is available to access. Which mean you can spend more than what is available in the wallet balance up to the approved limit.

Is Wallet Balance Protection a loan?

Wallet Balance protection is a form of loan but its repaid as the business receive funds into the PaySprint Business Account.

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