Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why Money Transfer

Sending money, locally and abroad, should be convenient and at affordable cost. When money is sent from one person to another on the same platform, we believe this should be at no cost to either of the parties, (Sender and receiver), that is the thought behind PaySprint Money Transfer.

How does PaySprint Money Transfer works

PaySprint money transfer is conceived as a wallet-to-wallet money transfer at no cost to either party. Party may, however, be responsible for the cost of adding funds to the wallet and withdrawing funds to bank.

How do I Top up my Wallet?

Top up of wallet could be done using debit or credit card, other local payment methods like Mobile Money Transfer, electronic money transfer or by receiving funds from other PaySprint users.

How do I send money on PaySprint?

You can use Send money to a PaySprint user feature if the user is on PaySprint or Text-or Email to transfer function if the receiver/beneficiary is not on PaySprint.

How do I receive money on PaySprint?

To receive money on PaySprint, simply share your PaySprint Account number with the sender.

How do I get money into my bank account

You can directly deposit money into your bank account by setting up your bank account using the payment method function.

What is Global Transfer and How does it work?

Global transfer is the functionality that enable PaySprint account holder to send money across the border. You can send money in your local currency and the beneficiary would also receive in his or her own local currency.

What is Scehduled Payments?

Scheduled Payment feature enables account holder to set up a pre-authourised debit wallet action to a named Payee on PaySprint. This means a certain amount goes to the named payee wallet at a certain date up to the last date provided.

How does bulk Payments work?

Bulk Payments allows account holder to make payment to other account holders at the same time. The feature saves the time of sending funds to each of the beneficiary individually.

What is saved beneficiaries and how does it work?

Saved beneficiaries are account holders saved on the system for future use. It saves the time of searching processing payment to an accountholder.

How do I shop online on PaySprint?

Account holders on PaySprint have access to online stores and are able to shop and make payment online.

What are the benefits of shopping online on PaySprint

With online shopping, account holder has access to loyalty programs like cash-back, discount etc.

Can I pay bills on PaySprint?

Yes, you can pay billers available in your country.

What is Dispatch Hub and How does it works?

Dispatch hub offers opportunity to verified users to deliver order for businesses for a fee. Available request for delivery is displayed on the Dispatch Hub dashboard to accept. Payment for delivery done is directly deposited to the PaySprint wallet once the customers/buyers confirm delivery of the order.

If I have more than 1 accounts on PaySprint, how do I link the accounts?

That is easy, go to link other account in the profile section. You will need the account number and the PIN to link the account.

What are Fast Track Verifications for Families and Friends and How does it work?

Fast-track verification is designed to speed up the verification of families and friends. To use this feature, you will need the account number and the PIN of the account to be verified.

What are Multi-Currency Wallets and How does it work?

Multi-currency wallets enable verified account holder to create wallet in other currencies. This enable the account holder to hold FX when the rate is favourable and able to spend when the rate is not favourable.

What is Offer and Bid FX and How does it work?

Offer and BID FX enables the account holder/user to request for a bid for currency own. This ensures the currency owner to realise real or true value of the currency during exchange.

Can a Personal Account holder benefit from Wallet Balance Protection.

Yes, This is however, subjects to meeting the eligibility criteria

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