Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why Retail Store Front Services

Connecting online store with store front offers business a powerful ability to unify their sales and sales process using own device (save on hardware costs). Businesses can fulfil orders received online at the store front and have access to world-class retail solution to scale their business.

What is Retail Store Front Service and How does it work?

Retail Store Front Services offer business with In-Person sales experience without the burden of incurring hardware costs. With one back office/admin, businesses can manage both online sales and in-person sales with ease. The service also provides additional tools to manage inventory, customer, and marketing activities.

Do I need to purchase hardware to utilse this feature?

No. The SFS is available as a cloud-based service and can run on any internet-enabled device.

How do I activate this feature?

Simple click on SFS ICON to activate it.

How do I add products to my Retail Store

Add product using the add product feature on the left side bar and manage inventory using Inventory Management feature. PaySprint Bar code is also available for download to scan products when receiving and selling from inventory.

What are the options to receive payments on Retail Store Front?

Customers can make payment using QR code and by cash

What are the steps in receiving payment made through QR Code?

After checking out the items, print the Checkout summary receipt for customer to scan QR Code to make payment. If payment is successful, print receipt function would become active for printing of paper receipt and to close the transaction. If payment fails, customers would be required to retry or the transaction is voided.

What are the steps in receiving Cash from customers?

After checking out is completed, teller would click on cash receipt icon, provide the amount received and the change amount (if any) would be displayed. After submission, print receipt icon would become active and the customer can also receive eReceipt via email.

Can I issue and send eReceipt to customers that made cash payment?

Yes, Simply request for the customers email address.

What is Inventory Management and How does it works?

Inventory Management is a powerful tool that enables the business to control and reconcile the available stock in inventory with the physical count. System displays available inventory, and this is reconciled with physical counts (stock in hand) to generate an inventory reconciliation report

What is Customer Management and How does it work?

Customer management feature provide businesses with the information about customers and the level of interactions with the business. This enables the business to connect more with customers by offering more personalised services that improves retention and repeat purchase.

What is Marketing Campaign Management and how does it work?

Market Campaign management enables business to develop a well-tailored campaigns based on insights from the customer management.

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