Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why Cross Border Business Payments

Most Businesses finding it increasing difficult to make payments to vendors, suppliers, or service providers across the border. With multi-currency wallets, PaySprint business account offers business an opportunity to access FX to meet their financial obligations.

What is Cross-Border Busniess Payments and How does it work?

Cross-Border Business Payments enable merchant to pay invoices in other currencies. With Multi-currency functionality, Merchants can make payment from the business account by following the processes under Cross Border Business Payments

How do I set up or activate the feature

The feature is available to all business account holder. Simply click on the ICON and follow the processes

Can I pay cross border invoice from my multi-currency wallet?

Yes. That is the essence of the multi-currency wallets.

What information do I need to pay a cross-border invoice?

You will need invoice from the vendor, supplier, or service provider with banking information.

How long does it take for the beneficiary to receive the payment?

Beneficiaries receive payment withing 78 hours.

Is there any fee involved in process cross-border business payments?

2% processing fee is applicable

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