Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why the Fulfilment Networks/Centre

Prompt fulfilment of orders and quick delivery to customers/ clients improve repeat purchases which also increase sales. Most sales are lost due to delay or unfulfilled orders. PaySprint Fulfilment centre is designed to assist merchants with prompt and quick delivery at merchant prices.

How does the Fulfilment Network works?

Fulfilment networks provide shipping services for businesses on PaySprint. The networks comprise of vetted/verified delivery service providers (businesses and individuals) on PaySprint. Businesses on PaySprint can activate fulfilment centre in the business account to have access to a growing number of delivery service providers.

How do I ship my order through the networks?

Activate fulfilment centre in the business account to request for delivery services. A request for delivery is available to all the shippers/delivery service providers on the platform to accept.

How do I track my order shipped?

The tracking system becomes active when an order is checked out for delivery, and you can view each stage of the delivery.

Would customer able to track order as well?

Yes, both vendors and customers (buyers) can track the delivery.

How do I pay for the order shipped?

The payment for the delivery is automatically deducted from the wallet by the system when the customers (buyers) used the OTP, confirming the receipt of the order.

If there was a return of order, what happened next?

The return policy of the vendor would become activated, and the process would be followed by the Online Store team.

When can I cancel a delivery?

A request for delivery can be cancelled only when it has not been accepted. The cancel button becomes inactive when the request for delivery has been accepted. Vendors must adhere to the delivery policies to avoid penalties.

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