Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why Referral and Reward Points

Referral and reward points are ways PaySprint is rewarding loyal account holders on the platform. Account holders are awarded points for referring PaySprint to families and friends. Also, account holders are rewarded for being an active account holder.

What is Refer and Earn and How does it work?

Refer and earn is a referral program that encourages existing account holders to invite others to open a Free PaySprint Account. Points are awarded for each sign-up and the points are convertible to wallet credits.

How do I earn more referral points?

You earned more referral points by inviting more and more people to the platform.

How do I track my points?

Referral points are available under referral in the dashboard.

Can I convert my points to Cash or wallet credits?

Yes, unlike most of other type of programs, the points are available for conversion to wallet credits and can be withdrawn to Bank.

What are Reward Points and How does it work?

Reward points are awarded for activities performed in the account.

How do I redeem my reward points?

Reward points can be claimed/redeemed only after attaining a certain threshold.

Can I use my points to make purchases?

Yes. You can make purchases with your reward points.

Can I spend points from other programs on PaySprint

Yes. You can spend points from other participating programs on PaySprint.

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