Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Why Online Store

Either you have a physical store, online store or no store, a business can always utilise additional outlets to sell more to customers. PaySprint Online store is additional feature that comes with your PaySprint Business Account. This feature enables you to boost the business online presence while increase sales opportunity.

How do I Set up and Manage Online store

Online store needs to be activated in the Business account. Once activated, you will need to set up the online store by following these 4 steps:

1. Select either Online Store for Goods or Services.

2. Name your store, if you want a name that is different from the Legal or business name.

3. Shipping/Delivery options. There is Store Pick up or Delivery Options. You may select both if you offer both options. If you offer self-delivery, you will need to provide the shipping cost for each location you deliver to and applicable taxes.

4. Now that your Store is ready, next is to create product categories. If you are offering one type of product, you will still need to create a category or select from the available lists of categories.

5. Add Product(s). Now, you can start adding your products to the store.

How Do I Add Product

Click on Add Product ICON and provide the product details, product code (if you want to manually provide code), product description, price, and images (High definition pictures) and how long it would take to deliver product after order is placed.

How Do I Publish my Online Store

You can publish your Online store once its ready. The Online Store team would review and help update any missing details before releasing the online store to the public.

How do I receive order on my online store?

You receive both email and SMS notification when an order is placed on your online store.

How do I check out order?

Once the order is ready and shipped to the customer, use "Check Out for Delivery" icon to generate a One-Time-Passcode (OTP) with a link. The customer must use the OTP when the product is received.

How do I access money receive from customers.

The money paid by customers (buyers) are held in the Escrow account pending when the customers (buyers) use the OTP. The use of the OTP moves the funds from your Escrow account to your business account.

What happen if the Customer (Buyer) do not use the OTP?

The OTP expires 2 days after the number of days provided as delivery timeframe when the product was added. The system would automatically move the funds from the Escrow account to Dispute Account. This trigger enquiry to Online Store Team for investigation.

So how is the dispute resolved?

Online Store team would contact the customer (buyer) to confirm if the OTP was received and the reason it was not used. If the OTP was received and was not used because order was not received, the Online store team would contact the Vendor or seller to resolve delivery issue. If the product is confirmed as delivered, the Online Store team would manually move funds from the dispute to business account of the seller/vendor.

How does the Cash-back program work?

Cash-back program is designed to assist merchant on PaySprint to sell more through repeat purchases. Cash-back program enables merchant to set aside a % of sales proceed and give a % back to customer next time the customer makes a purchase from the same merchant.

What are the benefits of Cash-Back Program and How can I Participate?

Cash-back program improves repeat purchase from customers and boost the revenue/sales to merchant. To participate, merchant simply needs to activate the feature and accept the terms and conditions.

How does the Review System work?

Review system enables customer to share experience consuming or interacting with your products or services. Good or excellent review inspires other intending customers to purchase your products or service thereby increase both the topline and bottom line of the business. A good review system allows the vendors/sellers or service providers to respond to the review submitted.

How do I get or request for review for my Online Store

You can request for review from customers that have consumed your products or service. To get or request for review, simply, provide the full name and the email of the customers and the system generate a request to customers. The review provided appears under Manage review section.

Is there a way to respond to review from customers?

Yes, use Manage review section to respond to review submitted by customers.

Can I publish the review from customers on my Online Store.

Yes, you can publish selected review on your online store.

Is there a live chat that enables merchant to chat with customers?

Yes, we have provided Live chat that enables you to interact with customers on your Online store.

How do sell on social media?

We have provided you with all available social media handles to share the link to your Online store on social media. The link is active once your Online Store is approved.

How do I get my Own Site Domain name

Own Site domain name improve the Online presence of your business. You can request for own site domain by filing up the required field in the business account.

How many Products can I List on my Online Store?

You can list as many products as you want on your Online Store.

Can I track customer balances on PaySprint?

Yes, you can track customer balances under report.

Can I offer discount on my Online Store?

Yes, you can offer either product specific discount or Store-wide discount once the feature is enabled.

What is Escrow Account, Dispute Account and Pending Balance on Online store?

All the proceed from online sale go to Escrow account. The funds are moved to Business account once the customers (buyers) had used the OTP received. If OTP expired, the funds are moved to Dispute. Proceed from sale while the subscription plan is Free plan would be Pending Balance and needs to be moved manually by the merchant to the business account.

How are they different from my Wallet balance and available balance?

Escrow balance, dispute and pending balances are for Online Store. Wallet Balance and Available Balance are for the main business account. All funds in Escrow, Dispute or Pending end-up in the Wallet Balance.

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